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6 Factors that affect your
car insurance cost


Value of your Car

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Your insurance premium depends on a market value for your car set by the insurer. It’s called the Insured Declared Value or IDV. This IDV changes as your car ages due to depreciation as parts of your car get depreciated due to wear & tear with time.




Type of Car Insurance

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Not every four-wheeler insurance policy offers the same coverage. It depends on the type of car insurance policy you buy. There are two main kinds of car insurance policies in India: Third-party Car Insurance A Third-party Policy is the most basic type of car insurance policy. It covers, the injuries caused to another person and his/her damaged property. This kind of car insurance policy has the lowest premium. Buying a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory by Indian law.Comprehensive Car Insurance This policy covers all kinds of damages — to your car, another person’s property, and the insured car’s owner-driver. Cause of damages can include Collision, Theft, Fire, Sabotage, Natural occurrences or Man-made calamities.


Add-on Coverage

You can increase the protection your four-wheeler insurance offers with the help of Add-ons. The more the Add-ons on your auto insurance policy, the higher the car insurance premium.The 5 most common Add-ons are

  • Zero Depreciation
  • Engine protection
  • NCB protection
  • Invoice Cover


Your Cars Age

The Insured Declared Value or IDV depends on your cars value. However, the value of your car reduces every year. So, the older a car is, the lower is its value. This can lower your premium and the sum assured.However, age also makes a car riskier and more susceptible to damages. Car insurance companies often check your car’s health while deciding the premium.



Extra Security Features

One of the easiest ways to reduce your four-wheeler insurance premium is by installing anti-theft and other security features. This is because insurance companies are in the business of lowering your risk. The lower the risk, the lower is the price of your premium.


Your Claim History

Car insurance companies reward good drivers and those who do not claim.This is done through a ‘No Claim Bonus’ and is in the form of a discount on your insurance premium. No Claim Bonus reduces your car insurance cost.

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